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9 May 2013

Prize candle PRIZE CANDLES

You’re probably wondering what a Prize Candle is.  So was I when I first heard about it! A friend of ours told us about this new company called Prize Candles and that we should review it.  When I found out the prize is jewelry, I told them to send me one.  Even if I didn’t like the jewelry I, at the very least, would have a new candle. Right?

When I opened the package I wasn’t expecting the Prize Candle to be so big!  The soy candle stands tall at 21 oz. There is a hidden prize in every candle.  I love that the candles come in different fragrances and, get this, each prize varies in value from $10 – $5,000; and all Prize Candles are the same price at $27.99!

The directions say to burn the candle and when the prize pouch becomes visible, blow the candle out, wait for the wax to cool, and then remove the pouch with tweezers.  To be honest, I didn’t wait for the wax to cool.  I didn’t use tweezers, I used a fork.  I was way too excited to see what my prize was to follow any rules!  Next, I went to and clicked appraise.  I entered the code that came in the prize pouch with the ring.  Sadly, I found out my ring was only worth $10 (picture above).  I still think this makes for an awesome bridal shower or baby shower party gift.  Don’t you?

Pros: Size of candle, value of prize, great as a gift
Cons: None



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